The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation opens in Beijing next week. In the lead-up to that, a special competition was held to celebrate the diversified cultures associated with the massive Initiative.

Contestants from 70 Belt and Road Countries took part in the event, titled “Silk Road and Young Dreams.”

The competitors were Students, Officials, Entrepreneurs and artists from different backgrounds.

Silk Road & Young Dreams
Photo: The 2nd Silk Road & Young Dreams

In addition to music, speech and photography which were categories in last year’s event the three new activities of sand painting, essay exchange, and e-sports were added this year.

Contestant Santiago Inuca and his team from Ecuador took the top prize in the music category.

Jiu Xin, the producer of “Voice of the Silk Road,” said the contestants also had a blast off stage.

“The event is not just about competing, but also showcasing diversified cultures and the sparks that occur when different cultures collide with each other, especially the very diversified cultures we have featured along with the Belt & Road countries,” he said.

Contestants in all the categories passed on a message of friendship and cooperation among Belt and Road countries.