The Communist Party of China (CPC), which has found a suitable path of development for China and successfully implemented it, is the core leader behind the country’s honourable achievements in the past 70 years, a Vietnamese expert has said.

“In the search for China’s own development model, the CPC found a unique socialist theory system & the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics by combining the fundamental principles of Marxism with the reality of Chinese revolution and construction,” Do Tien Sam, former Director of the Institute for Chinese Studies under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, said in a recent interview.

According to the expert, who has been dedicated to Chinese studies for over 30 years, huge changes have taken place since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, fully proving that it is right for China to follow the path.

“Due to historical consequences, at the time of its founding in 1949, China was still a relatively backward agricultural country that closed its door to the world,” said Sam.

“But 70 years since then, under the CPC’s leadership, China has transformed into the world’s largest manufacturing power, the largest trading nation, the second-largest economy…”

“These achievements are a real feather in the cap, and they have given prominence to the role of the CPC’s leadership over the period,” said Sam, adding that the CPC has made good use of the external context, especially the relatively long period of peace in the region and the world, to concentrate on building and developing China.

First visiting China in 1993, the Vietnamese expert could not remember how many times he has been to the country, but each visit left him with unforgettable impressions.

“You could immediately feel the happiness and pride of Chinese people whose living conditions have been gradually improved,” said Sam.

“It’s obviously not only in developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai but also in rural and remote areas.”

Growing up in a rural area in Vietnam, the expert said he was impressed by how the CPC and the Chinese government have managed to develop infrastructure and provided public services in the countryside.

“Almost all rural areas have inter-village roads, and almost all the people there have been supplied with electricity, telephone and television services,” Sam cited some studies, noting that the situation enables local people to have quick access to information and improves the effectiveness of policy communication and technology popularisation by the government.

“The drastic and comprehensive development of the infrastructure system in China impressed me the most,” he said, stressing that the enormous networks of roads, railways and airways connect the country and make it a united market, where production areas are easily linked with consumption areas.

The CPC has told a convincing story that its policies, based on the people-centred philosophy of development, benefit every single one in China, the Vietnamese expert said.

According to Sam, China has also made great contributions to the world’s development.

Its economic growth currently accounts for some 30 percent of global economic growth, and China effectively protects the interests of developing countries at international forums, said Sam.

“Moreover, China is promoting trade liberalisation, opening its market wider to create more opportunities for other countries, which is very meaningful amid rising trade protectionism globally,” said the expert.

The Belt & Road Initiative, part of its efforts to contribute to globalisation, has been welcomed by many countries thanks to its potential to resolve infrastructure difficulties, connect markets, and boost trade and people-to-people exchanges

For the next period of development, Chinese leaders have also been implementing notable preparations, the scholar said.

“They have invested largely in science and research activities, which they have foreseen as the key driver of high-quality development in the new era,” he said.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Sam expressed high expectations on China’s sustainable development which will benefit not only Chinese people, but also bring a better future for mankind.

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