Over the past few days, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) has closely followed the latest development of the pandemic and dispatched teams with medical capacities to Algeria, Egypt, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Other Countries.

Meanwhile, overseas subsidiaries and projects have taken various measures to prevent and control the epidemic and made every effort to ensure the safety and health of all employees.

Team to Algeria: Three Priorities & One Joint Defense Line

Upon arrival, CSCEC’s team to Algeria immediately started to provide infection control guidance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. They inspected the prevention measures and the working progress of more than 30 projects and 64 subcontractors of CSCEC Algeria through field visits and video conferences.

At this stage, CSCEC Algeria and its upstream and downstream partners have reached a consensus that prioritizes prevention and control efforts over operation and production. Actions have been taken to improve the plans to fight the coronavirus, refine and optimize the procedures to contain the disease regarding key procedures, areas, and populations, and construct a joint prevention and control mechanism with labor subcontractors.

Team to Egypt: Supervising Enclosed Management of the CBD Project

In the last few days, CSCEC’s epidemic prevention and control team to Egypt visited the living areas of each contracted section of the Central Business District (CBD) project in Egypt’s new administrative capital and proposed suggestions on the ventilation and disinfection of vehicles as well as the implementation of separated dining.

On the afternoon of April 12, the team carried out a drill at the P4 section of the CBD project, modeling the entire emergency response process of “detecting, re-checking, transferring the case, receiving the patient, and isolating suspected cases,” aiming to improve the existing prevention, preparation, and operational procedures.

Team to Cambodia: Assisting with Epidemic Prevention & Production Resumption

On March 29, dispatched by CSCEC, an outbreak prevention and control team formed by China Construction Fourth Engineering Division arrived in Cambodia. After arrival, the team conducted on-site inspections on the infection preventive measures taken by CSCEC’s 14 bases and projects in Cambodia, and developed an epidemic control plan that prioritizes avoiding people-to-people contact and reducing imported cases.

They also established a joint mechanism among all CSCEC’s units based in Cambodia to control the spread of COVID-19. Based on risk levels, different areas were categorized as red, yellow or green zones. Health workstations were set up to serve both Chinese and Cambodian workers.

Hundreds of handbooks on epidemic prevention and control in both Chinese and Cambodian as well as other documents were compiled and distributed. So far, the team has provided health services to over 400 people.

Team to Ethiopia: Strategy to Strengthen Epidemic Prevention & Control Network

On April 7, delegated by CSCEC and organized by China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, the COVID-19 prevention and control team to Ethiopia arrived in Addis Ababa and were quarantined for 14 days in accordance to the local epidemic control measures.

Through virtual inspection, the team conducted research on the personnel management and the reserves of protective supplies and daily necessities, and they devised a strategy to contain the outbreak – full coverage inspection, and all-dimensional protection to ensure that there are neither imported cases nor internal spread of the disease.

China Construction First Group: Acting in Unity against the Epidemic

The Third Construction Corporation of China Construction First Group has taken various measures to prevent and control the epidemic in overseas projects, and maintain the safety and health of overseas employees. In order to avoid the shortage of the protective and medical supplies, resources were assembled in China and then transported to overseas projects in a timely manner.

Three batches of supplies were sent to seven projects in the Philippines, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt, Russia, and Cambodia in early March. In addition, special funds were allocated to the R & F residential building project in Cambodia, the Greenwood International Exhibition Complex project in Moscow, etc. to support their efforts to combat COVID-19.

China Construction Fifth Division: Providing Psychological Support to Overseas Employees

In order to relieve overseas employees’ anxiety and offer them scientific information on the epidemic, China Construction Fifth Engineering Division South China’s China aided project of Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center took various actions to provide them with psychological support.

China Construction Sixth Division: Keeping Family Members of Overseas Employees Informed

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, China Construction Sixth Engineering Division sent epidemic prevention and control messages and made phone calls to each of the company’s 60-plus employees who have been working on the frontlines overseas.

The division also contacted their family members in China to inform them of the development of the epidemic overseas and measures taken to control its spread, while addressing questions and concerns raised by the family members. This has helped to reassure the families and relieve the worries of overseas employees.

China Construction Science & Industry Corporation: Overseas Epidemic Prevention & Control Measures Applauded

Since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Lae, Papua New Guinea, China Construction Science and Industry Corporation’s Papua New Guinea Star Mountain Plaza project (second phase) has taken emergency response measures and immediately launched enclosed management.

This action was applauded by the proprietors, who expressed their willingness to join the infection prevention and control system and assign their staff based on the construction site under the management of the project department.

China Construction Electric Power Construction Corporation: ‘6+1’ Preventive Measures against COVID-19 Overseas

As the spread of COVID-19 overseas has worsened recently, China Construction Electric Power Construction Corporation quickly formulated “6+1” epidemic prevention and control measures in overseas projects to ensure the safety of the projects along the Belt and Road after the resumption of production. “Six” refers to six preventive measures.

The first measure is to prevent the spread of the disease within the project and avoid exporting cases outside.

The second is to invite experts on the medical team and from the embassy to provide infection prevention and control training for the employees.

Third, accurately provide country-based supervisions, formulate a dynamic outbreak prevention and control plan, and adjust emergency response measures promptly according to daily reports.

Fourth, record all the employees’ travel information, and register and verify their flight information. Staff who enter or exit the country are quarantined separately, with their health monitored daily. Only after they get the isolation release notice can they go back to work.

Fifth is to reserve enough epidemic prevention supplies. The sixth measure is to take the initiative to contact the local government and fulfill the company’s social responsibilities. The “one” in “6+1” refers to one improvement plan.

The company has set up a virtual platform and invited experts to provide in-service training for employees who currently cannot return to work overseas, in order to keep a high morale amidst the epidemic control and for employees to continue improving their skills while in isolation.