Since its inception in 2013, the Belt & Road Initiative has received an enthusiastic International response and attracted participants from the World over.

In April 2019, the second Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation will be held, allowing the opportunity to develop the global linkages and relationships which constitute the initiative. Cuba and China share a rich historical synergy, both having experience of the reform and opening-up transformation process, which has produced vibrant results for the two nations. This is evident in the recent draft amendments in Cuba’s constitution, which recognise the changes in the Cuban economy and society following the end of the cold war. These key constitutional changes seek to affirm the importance of legitimate and legal means for the development of private enterprise and foreign investment. Cuba has long expressed its wish for further economic and trade exchanges with China, taking part in the Belt and Road initiative being the perfect vehicle for deepening cooperation.

What does Cuba’s embracing of opening-up policy mean for the economic integration of the Belt and Road in the region? What areas are there for greater China-Cuba cooperation in the future? What advantages and challenges will the “Cuban Model” face? The Center for China and Globalisation (CCG) will hold a round-table seminar on January 15th where experts and scholars on Latin American relations, economy and investment will share their views on China-Cuba cooperation in the future. We look forward to seeing you at this event!

Location: CCG Headquarter, Beijing, China.
Date: Tuesday 15th January 2019, 2-4pm.

13:00-13:30 Registration Host:
Tang Haoxuan, Chairman of FUETA, CCG Executive Director.
14:00-14:15 Opening Remarks :
  1. Dr. Miao Lu, CCG Secretary-General.
  2. Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, Cuban Ambassador to China.
14:15-15:45 Round-table Discussion:
15:45-16:00 Q&A:

Invited Guests (alphabetical order):

  • Chen Taotao – Director of Center for China-Latin America Management Studies, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
  • Gao Zhikai – Vice President of CCG
  • Guo Cunhai – Director of Department of Social and Cultural Problems, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Latin American Studies
  • Hao Jie – Funding Partner of Magma, and, Manager of Global Hunting Technology and Culture Co., Ltd. (Beijing)
  • Juan Alberto Kelly – Counselor on Commercial Affairs, Cuban Embassy in China
  • Lesbet – Envoy, Cuban Embassy in China
  • Li Jiping – Former Vice President, China Development Bank
  • Qiao Gong – Vice General Manager, China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd.
  • Tang Haoxuan – Chairman, FUETA, and, Executive Director, CCG
  • Wang Jian – General Manager, Sinoseel Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Yuan Dong -Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics, and, former Chief Treasurer, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Zhou Lei – Cadres, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Economic Research Department

Special Guest:

  • Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos – Ambassador, Cuban Embassy in China