Representatives of Cuba today promote sectors that have the potential to start business and strengthen cooperation with the Chongqing Municipality, located in the Southwest of China and interested in expanding Economic-Commercial Ties.

Officials from the Island’s Chamber of Commerce, the Embassy and Companies with Offices in Beijing address these issues in videoconferences with Authorities in the Chinese Region.

The first session took place the day before and the parties explored the possibilities of collaboration in the areas of health, biotechnology and agriculture.

Chongqing is one of the four municipalities directly subordinate to the central government of China and is strategic from a political, commercial and industrial point of view due to its development and position within the process of deepening reform and opening up.

Its geographical location links it to the Belt & Road Project, and it has the projection of opening up more and more to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Last May, Mayor Tang Liangzhi proposed fostering ties between Chongqing and Cuba in areas such as health, biotechnology and tourism in a way that leads to a future with fruitful and mutually beneficial results.

During a meeting with Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira, the Councillor raised his interest in working on projects to develop vaccines and other drugs, after highlighting the high prestige and competitive level of the Antillean country in this field.

He suggested exploring cooperation in the joint training of professionals, the automotive sector, culture and tourism, the latter with a view to positioning the Caribbean State as a preferred destination in Chongqing. Likewise, he advocated the strengthening of commercial ties and highlighted the progress in 2019 of Commercial Exchanges.