A Cultural Exchange event titled “Belt & Road: By Beihai, We Are Bound” was held at The Guildhall of Cambridge in London, Britain.

Beihai is a coastal city in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Su Yuanxin, Deputy Publicity Director of Beihai’s Municipal Government, and Robert Dryden, Former Mayor and current councillor of Cambridge Government, attended and spoke at the event. More than 200 people from the local government, tourism and media organisations also attended the gathering.

The cultural event includes photo exhibition, tourism promotion and song and dance performance featuring Beihai’s local characteristics.

Su said in his speech that Belt & Road is a way to boost trade and business cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and the UK.

He hoped that in the framework of Belt & Road, the two countries can continue to enhance cooperation in tourism, culture and business.

Dryden said that the event started the friendship between Beihai City and Cambridge. He was willing to be the link between the two cities and push forward cooperation and communication on culture and education.

An event titled “International Media focusing on Beihai” was launched to welcome more international media to visit for a better knowledge of the south China port city.