Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Hong Kong
Maputo - Mozambique (Belt & Road)

Chinese-Mozambican Fashion

The foray of Chinese companies and institutions into African Countries is often met with suspicion yet great curiosity abroad. Many Scholars...
Cairo Market - Egypt

Egyptian & Chinese Artists Celebrate Chinese New Year Online

At Cairo Opera House located in the heart of the Egyptian Capital, Artists from prominent Egyptian and Chinese Music and Art...
Lanterns at Intangible Cultural Heritages Exhibition

China’s Belt & Road bring Cultural Imperialism

The Belt & Road Initiative is about joint economic development and multipolar geopolitics. It is also about alternatives to the Western...
Old New Silk Road

Ancient Maritime Silk Road Heritage display at Fujian Museum

It has just opened but its traditional design is already a landmark. The complex of buildings, located in Shishi, a County-level...
Guangxi - China

Chinese festival via colorful activities in south China university

Some overseas students are savoring traditional Chinese culture through colourful folk events in a university in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous...
Silk Road

Exploring the Strength of Bonds Between China and its Neighbors

On Monday, China's Cultural Authorities published the results of a survey exploring people outside China's thoughts on the concept of "building...
Shiraz - Iran

Iran opens International Silk Road Calligraphy Exhibition 

Exhibition for Calligraphy Works selected from the First Raqs-e Qalam International Exhibition of the Silk Road Calligraphy opened at the Iranian...
Ancient Silk Road (Belt and Road)

Ancient Maritime Silk Road History showcased at Fujian Museum

The Ancient Maritime Silk Road once served as an essential economic and cultural bridge connecting the East and the West. To...
China National Silk Museum

China National Silk Museum highlights for 2021

The Nation’s Largest Silk History Research Organization, China National Silk Museum, released its highlights for 2021, including 10 Exhibitions and Five...

China’s Historic Friendship with Central Asia

Two books telling the history of China with Tajikistan & Kazakhstan friendship respectively, were released recently, aiming to boost mutual understanding...