The Beijing Daxing International Airport (BDIA) will officially start its international flight service on Sunday with more international and domestic airlines moving into the new airport. A series of convenient customs clearance measures are adopted at the airport.

It will see off its first international flight on Sunday. They are the first international travellers to experience the airport’s super-efficient immigration and security checks.

“We have installed some advanced equipment here at the inspection and quarantine passage, including the infrared temperature monitors and facial information acquisition. With the high-tech equipment, passengers could pass through customs in seconds,” said Yin Haifeng, Deputy Director of Beijing Daxing International Airport Customs.

Beginning on Sunday, 15 airlines, seven domestic and eight foreign, will start operating from Beijing Daxing International Airport, according to the airport authority. The airport isn’t just a service for Beijing and its surrounding area. It’s also looking to be a major international air hub.

“We have put all the transit facilities on the same floor, that is, the second floor. We have set up a workstation here. We are working with the airport to increase transit efficiency and bring more convenience for passengers,” said Ji Lixia, Deputy Director of Beijing Immigration Inspection.

Passengers will also love the super-quick electronic channels, including individual channels for Belt & Road Countries.

If the passengers are coming from or going to downtown Beijing, they will be well connected by a high-speed train service, whilst there are also special services for the wider area.

“We are developing air-ground joint tickets, which brings convenience and discount for passengers. They can buy the ticket of the ground transportation at the same time when purchasing the air ticket,” said Pan Zhilin, Head of Product Planning at Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The airport is expecting more than 5 million passengers this winter. But this will slowly ramp up over time, and by the year 2022, it’s hoping to see more than 45 million. Officially opened on Sept 25, Daxing International Airport is expected to become one of the world’s busiest and most advanced airports with its cutting-edge technology and intelligent services.