Matabaro Binja Christiana, an International Student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, hopes to find an answer to help people in Africa avoid hunger.

Christiana, who is studying at Shenyang Agricultural University, came with her tutor to conduct fieldwork in Panshan county, Liaoning province, on Tuesday, the festival of Grain Rain. It is a vital time for farming.

“The Chinese experience can help the African people develop agriculture and stay away from hunger,” Christiana said.

China has 10,000 years of rice cultivation history, and Liaoning, an important national granary, has conducted experimental work in integrating farming, food processing and rural tourism.

China and Congo signed a memorandum of understanding earlier this year on jointly advancing the Belt & Road Initiative. China will continue to support Africa in developing agriculture and building a community with a shared future for all.

Author: Wu Yong & Contributed by Chen Mo.