Ethics Policy

The Belt & Road News Network (BRN) is a News Agency established to provide news, view and analysis on the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative. BRN Guidelines describe values, standards and practices we pursue in our journalism, it is a living document which we expect will mature & evolve with our work. Our five core values guide our work: accuracy, independence, collaboration, fairness & transparency. All our BRN Employees are responsible for ensuring our work lives up to these ideals.

We regard various BRN constituents, readers of our publications, listeners to our podcasts or viewers of our videos, etc. as important stakeholders in our ethics process. BRN shares it´s guidelines here to share the aspirations that guide our work and to issue an invitation to others to hold BRN accountable. If you have questions or concerns, please write to and we’ll respond.

The values cited in this document are rooted in BRN’s dedication to providing completely unbiased news, views & analysis, BRN is not loyal to neither nations nor its leaders but only to facts and truth. BRN is a News Agency that promotes excellence and integrity in the practice of craft and the practical leadership of successful businesses. In our publishing, we strive to practice the kind of journalism that we have and still preaching to others. Which includes journalism of all its forms; digital, TV, video, audio, print & any other forms of New Media that might come into use.

    BRN does it’s best to make sure that everything it publishes is accurate & true to facts. Which ranges from the easily confirmed, e.g. the spelling of names, to the nuanced and more debatable, e.g. characterisations of political initiatives. BRN strive to be inclusive in our coverage, so that we reflect a wide range of perspectives & experiences. BRN encourages creativity & experimentation in work, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to accuracy.

    In practice: BRN maintains high standards of reporting, writing & editing to produce work that is as error-free as possible. BRN creates & edits it journalism in ways aimed at anticipating problem areas, reducing mistakes, and correcting them as quickly & transparently as we can. We provide timely responses, clear corrections and prominent acknowledgements that a mistake was made and addressed. BRN credits the authors & creators of various forms of journalism it publishes. BRN apply´s appropriate scrutiny to work by staff for verification of content, to prevent spread of Fake News, intentional or otherwise. BRN does not intentionally mislead with words or images. We do not deliberately deceive as we gather information. BRN encourages best possible work within the limits of our resources, while it values timeliness, particularly in service to our readers on deadline, it values accuracy more.

    We are an independent news agency. We manage our conflicts of interest and seek to remain free of influences that might interfere with journalism that is accurate, fair, transparent, professional and helpful.

    In practice: When we write about our article, promoted or hosted or organised event or a topic that’s been funded by a sponsor or other contribution, BRN retains editorial control over what it writes, and it discloses the relationship. BRN when creates content on a subject supported by sponsors, it retains independence over that content. BRN editorial content is created for our audience of journalists and citizens who value journalism. Because many of us at BRN have worked in many newsrooms, we occasionally find ourselves writing about organisations and newsrooms we have established relationships with. (See transparency, below.) BRN faculty and staff do not enter into relationships that compromise the work of the agency. BRN faculty and staff do not allow gifts from sources, sponsors, or vendors to influence our coverage. BRN has business partnerships with newsrooms around the world. Those relationships do not influence our news coverage of those organisations.

    In order to fulfil its mission, BRN must cultivate and nourish relationships throughout the broader journalism and technology community. Our relationships make us smarter, more relevant & more capable of supporting true spirit of journalism. BRN encourages these ties with entities and individuals, whom we rely on for advice about what journalists need from us. BRN embraces its collaboration as a value; BRN believes these relationships encourages greater interactivity, responsiveness & utility.

    In practice: BRN relies on its relationships with a variety of organisations and individuals to help ensure that we remain connected to journalism as it is practised. While we retain independent control over all our editorial content, we frequently turn to our partners for their expertise.

  • FAIRNESSWe strive to act justly, to respect people and their privacy, to present different points of view and to minimise harm. Our guidelines serve as checks & balances on the perspectives and personal biases that each of us brings to our journalism.

    In practice: BRN strives to be fair in what it publishes and in the ways in which BRN interacts with subjects and consumers of its coverage. we at BRN do our best to acknowledge relevant points of view & represent them in an even-handed way, especially when they conflict with BRN´s own. BRN reaches out to the subjects we cover for comment. BRN provides accessible ways to challenge us & we respond promptly and with a purpose.

    We shine a light on our own journalistic processes, explaining how and why we make decisions. We at BRN practice our best to disclose relevant information that may have influenced or affected our decisions.

    In practice: BRN goes out of its way to disclose information that our constituents & critics may find relevant, useful and helpful about the way we do business and publish at all BRN portals. BRN provides readers with sufficient information about who we are, how we work etc. to provide meaningful context for them to assess and judge the material we publish and teach.

    We disclose our relevant business relationships when we write about individuals who, for example, are a member of one of our boards. In addition to publishing news, we also publish information about BRN events and native advertisements or sponsored content. All non-news content is clearly labelled as “Sponsored Content” to delineate the distinction. Ads that promote sponsored content will be clearly labelled “Advertising.” When Sponsors underwrite a content area on BRN or a newsletter, that page or content is labelled within or immediately below the header image. Sponsored items within newsletters will also be clearly labelled as “sponsored post” or “a note from our sponsor.”