The 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit started Wednesday, highlighting the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)’s role in tackling global issues in the Post-Pandemic Era. The annual two day summit, organized by the Istanbul based Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation, is being held online this year due to COVID-19.

World will be more Global & Multilateral after the Pandemic

Speaking at the Opening of the Summit, Akkan Suver Head of the Foundation, said the world will be more Global and Multilateral after the Pandemic.

The BRI will be more vital than ever as countries around the world have realized the importance of global cooperation in handling issues like COVID-19, according to Suver.

“Countries must support each other more than ever,” he said, emphasizing the importance of solidarity among them.

Turan Hancerli, District Mayor in Istanbul, said the pandemic has proved how true the saying “we are all in the same boat” is.

“We believe that the world will be a place where all countries would intensify their cooperation in an atmosphere of peace and stability in the light of the BRI,” he said.

During the summit, participants from some 40 Countries will explore ways to deal with various issues in the post-pandemic era, including the new world economy, sustainable energy policies and regional conflicts.