Experiencing Beijing Series Events were held respectively from October 24 to 26 in Tel Aviv, Israel and Cairo, Egypt, which was jointly directed by State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center of Beijing Municipality and the China Culture Centres in Israel and Egypt.

Mr. Dong Dianyi, the Head of State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center of Beijing Municipality introduced the current condition and foreign policies of Beijing cultural industry on the events.

Key cultural enterprises including Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group, Beijing Publication and Distribution Group, Beijing International Advertising & Communication Group, Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group focused on the development strategies of internalisation, publishing trade cooperation, integrated marketing of the Internet, and Beijing International Design Week.

Meanwhile, the organiser arranged an exhibition of Beijing cultural relics and artifacts, in which 60 antiques from the Palace Museum, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Place and other cultural relics units met with the audience.

The inheritor of one of the national intangible cultural heritages of “Beijing Eight Amazing Cultural Relics” presented a marvellous performance about the “Beijing Embroidery” techniques and interacted well with the audience, winning public compliments.

The Events invited the distinguished guests from Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defence of Israel, Ministry of traffic safety of Israel, Chinese Embassy in Israel, Chinese Embassy in Egypt, Ministry of Culture of Egypt, Egyptian Museum, cultural organisations and enterprises.

Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Center launched the platform for “Experiencing Beijing” serial activities in 2017. Up until now, the event has been successfully organised in Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Finland, Denmark and other countries.

It has greatly enhanced the international communication and practical cooperation for Beijing cultural industry and facilitated the Belt & Road Initiative through activities.