A flower grower in southwest China’s Yunnan Province “sends” a flower to a woman in Bangkok, Thailand.

Flower growers work at a Flower Industrial Park in Yi Autonomous County of Shilin, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Women with flowers
Photo: (L) Industrial Park in Yi Southwest, Yunnan Province – China to (R) Woman with fresh flowers in Bangkok – Thailand.

Fresh flowers packed in Kunming of Yunnan will be available for sale at a Bangkok market in less than 40 hours thanks to the Kunming-Bangkok Expressway. The warm climate in Yunnan allows flowers of various kinds to blossom during all seasons.

Dounan, as China’s largest fresh flower wholesale market, exports more than 500 varieties and 40 categories of flowers to over 50 countries and regions every day, among which 20 to 30 percent are sold to South and Southeast Asian countries. Yunnan has expanded more cooperation with neighbouring countries in recent years under China’s Belt and Road Initiative.