A Group of filmmakers gathered on Tuesday afternoon for a discussion about a new film on the changes brought to people’s lives by the Belt and Road Initiative.

The film, called “Common Destiny” is the first to focus on the Belt and Road initiative. Filmmakers from China, Britain, and the United States among others collaborated on the production process. The award-winning British screenwriter Guy Hibbert is one of the scriptwriters for the project.

“The belt-and-road initiative is astonishing and it’s exciting and it’s transformative, transformative in its new trade routes, in the new cities and ports along those routes and developing new industries and partnerships throughout the entire world,” said Hibbert, “but what I love about the premise for our film Common Destiny is the emphasis, is on how we’ll transform the lives of ordinary people.

And this has been a personal reward for me working with the common destiny team. I’m a passionate believer in nations working together and now looking forward to many more collaborations with filmmakers in China in the future. This is truly our common destiny.”

The film includes stories captured during filming on location in China, Spain, Chile, Jordan, Kazakhstan, and Kenya.

Qu Jiangtao is one of the film’s five directors, he said that “My story was inspired by the launch of a new high-speed railway connecting the port city of Mombasa with Kenya’s capital Nairobi. It is basically about a local girl whose dream comes true thanks to the new Chinese-built railway.

Filming this story and the others shows how the Belt and Road Initiative put forward by China has begun exerting an influence on the lives of different people. Meanwhile, these changes are also affecting China in certain ways. This has shaped our common destiny.”

The film has been promoted as a special session of the ongoing Beijing International Film Festival.

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