Chengdu International Railway Port will become China’s first unmanned ‘smart’ railway port.

China’s largest inland port located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is set to increase efficiency by 30 per cent and free 85 per cent of its staff. The move will be achieved as Chengdu International Railway Port is upgraded to become a fully automated ‘smart’ railway port.

Using the internet of things, communication and navigation, fuzzy control, big data, cloud computing, video recognition, and fast charging, all mechanical devices will be un-piloted, People’s Daily reported.

During the year ending November 2018, the port handled a total of 660,500 TEUs. This is pinned to increase to 1.5m annually after the upgrade is complete.

Marco Trade News reported that in the five years to September 2018 since Xi Jinping presented the belt and road initiative, more than 2,700 freight trains transported a total of US$10bn in goods.

“International freight trains have opened a strategic gateway to strengthen the cooperation of Chengdu and China with the countries involved in the belt and road initiative,” said the director of the international relations department of the Chengdu International Railway Port Committee, Zeng Yi.

Yi added that the International Rail Port of Chengdu will work with more countries and cities to expand the reach of its freight train routes.