First Chinese Studies Center of the People’s Republic of China was launched at Allameh Tabataba’i University in Tehran.

According to the report, the centre started its work on Sunday evening with the cooperation of Shanghai International Studies University of China in Tehran to become a major step forward in exchanging and working together.

Considering that this centre is the first Chinese science centre in Iran, it is expected to provide a good platform for researchers from both countries to study the past and present state of the two countries, to deepen understanding and to establish a university base for joint academic cooperation and the prosperity of the Silk Road in the new era.

Behzad Shahandeh, a professor of Chinese studies at the University of Tehran, who began his first scientific activity in China in 1978, said that China was the first country in the world that did not follow the western model of modernisation and has pursued the eastern style of development.

Jang Feng, deputy director of the Shanghai International Studies University, said at a ceremony, ‘In order to enhance the level of academic cooperation between the two universities, the two sides agreed to establish a study centre at the University of China and Iran so that by introducing the culture of their country to other side to help each other in the field of research and collaboration between researchers from both countries.

He evaluated the establishment of the Center for Chinese Studies in Iran as an important step towards the exchange and full cooperation of the two countries, and underlined, ‘Considering that this centre is the first in Iran, it could be a good platform for researchers of both countries in the field of past and present state of the two countries, deepen understanding and familiarity, and create a university foundation for joint building and the prosperity of the Silk Road in the new era.’

Gholamali Cheginizadeh, Head of the Centre at Allameh Tabataba’i University, also referred to his hope for the establishment of a university academy of Chinese studies, which set the reasons for launching the centre, and made the remark.

‘Since the Iranian government in the past five years focused its foreign policy strategy more on China, one of the goals of this centre is to advise the government on foreign policy of Iran, and given the new international political developments, the academic institutions of the world are also trying to pay special attention to this country.”