Collectivism rather than individualism is what the world has is the offing as COVID-19 makes scariest inroads into countries around the world. Everyone is shunning buying My Country First adage anymore all look for something of Our World again. These are highly demanding and testing times and ones the likes of which the world had never witnessed before.

The stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and the anti-human infrastructure of the military might have become the deplorably idle consumables at this time around. As the world searches in desperation for a political and diplomatic strategy to both contain and eradicate COVID-19, it finds nothing in parallel with an approach and reach out strategy impeccable and appealing than the Doctrine of Belt & Road.

The erstwhile Initiative of Belt & Road has now grown rapidly into a structural and operational doctrine has undergone significant change and modification more of which is brought in by nature rather than nurture. It was the most loathed doctrine looked at through the world by American spectacles, which has now become the only way out dealing with the pestilence at hand.

It was perceived as the breeding outlet for Chinese global hegemony but times have brought the world to such juncture where soon the world would be yelling for acquiring this hegemonic design themselves. It would be the first of its kinds of global doctrine where even the most lethal adversaries would find recourse and shelter under its humanistic umbrella.

The B&R Doctrine has always been aiming at the humanistic aspect of human development. Imagining it as a pure economic and political bluff by the world was the severely mistaken edge in the comprehension framework. The world superpower and its satellite magnates took the initiative in pure economic spread without dedicating time for reading the script between the lines.

Of all the novel ins and outs of the B&R Doctrine, the chief one argues for collectivism rather than individualism, unity than polarisation, equity than equality, and humanity than materialistic ends alone. The science involved in the Doctrine has always been too simple that as human beings, we should develop at the expense of one another and not at the misery of each other.

Should it be the case later, which has always been, the world therefore would never and it did not see stability and peace and remained the hotly contested battleground of haves and have nots all through the past sturdy fifty years of so called globalisation. The Doctrine falsified that one’s man’s adversity was another man’s prosperity in letter and spirit.

The B&R Doctrine advances the idea that when development occurs, it needs a certain space to contain and accommodate itself. When that space is filled up, it would naturally require more space and for that it has to go beyond its legal, constitutional and moral space and it is here when its development becomes a global phenomenon.

Being so, going beyond stationary orbit into orbits of higher energies, there are thence two ways. One is to acquire more space for containing and outstripping one’s development through the element of force and the strategy of My Country First. The other is accommodating the same space through the element of collectivism and the strategy of Our World Again.

The first notion is what the world has witnessed at the behest of America First Doctrine and it has seen the acquiring of ‘more space’ to increase and accommodate the pace of development through illogical, illegal, and immoral invasions of countries. Creating pretexts for such invasions like the War on Terror is one of the many to mention. This no doubt hatched in a global patronage for the American interests but siphoned the world out of peace, tranquillity, order and equity. The reason being such, the partners and

allies of the US world has seen no better development to their parts as it has always been America First. Interests have been prioritised by the American led world as sine qua non for development and this called for invention of more lethal means of human destruction as the very notion America started up with of America First negated the humanistic element in the whole scheme of global surfing.

The result is while the world and especially the American allies and friends are falling exceedingly to the lethal attacks of COVID-19 in terms of human, political and economic losses, Uncle Sam stands shocked without any global plan, strategy or doctrine to fight COVID-19. Helplessness against an enemy is more painful than surrender before an enemy.

On the contrary, the B&R Doctrine is offering something different. Of course it has economic annals, modalities and political clout and reasons but for what it offers to the world are the concept of collectivism. It is like if we fall, we fall together and if we rise, we rise together which makes the global call too needed amid such times of desperation and disappointment.

The development space which this doctrine has so far created around the historical Silk Route has been one through peaceful package and means. Since it is the humanistic factor which surpasses political and economic reasons of survival and perpetuation, it therefore calls for no arts of human decimation and no instruments of global offensive reach out.

Voyaging around the B&R Doctrine means collective progress, collective cooperation, collective development and collective defence not only against and from the armouries of one another but also against the invisibly providential elements such as COVID-19.

The world is torn apart and it needs the silky stitches to mend its wounds and it would ultimately be the Silk Doctrine doing the Job. 

M Jahangir Kakar

Author: Muhammad Jahangir Kakar, Civil Servant & Socio-Political Analyst based in Quetta works for the Government of Baluchistan.
Editor’s Note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.