The Second International Green Energy Development Conference in China (IGEDC) was held on 15th & 16th October in Yangzhong – China. A complete overview of the latest green technologies in urban development, a glimpse into the future to build an international dialogue platform for sustainable development.

Alessandro Barin, CEO of FuturaSun attended in his capacity as representative of Italian-Chinese Cooperation.

The IGEDC Forum, organised by CEIS (China Economic Information Service), was held in the iconic, ultra-modern and green city of Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province, eastern China , a model city rich in green applications, committed to achieving zero CO2 emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2030.

The most important Chinese institutions, big names of the photovoltaic sector, experts and businessmen from all over the world met to discuss challenges and difficulties in green energy development, explore new ideas, present the most recent technologies and all the latest trail-blazing applications.

The Forum dedicated to international cooperation in green energy was a key event which also focused on developing the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), or the new Silk Road, the strategic project for relations between China and other Eurasian countries, which Italy recently joined.

FuturaSun participated on behalf of Italy, a young Veneto-based photovoltaic enterprise which in the space of a few years has become a virtuous example of fruitful Italian-Chinese industrial cooperation.

The company’s CEO Alessandro Barin described the adventure of FuturaSun, a dynamic company both in terms of technique and sales which emerged from last decade’s profound transformation of the European market with the decision, right from the outset, to become a fully industrial player, with its very own production plants in China, seizing development opportunities available there.

The most recent choice of FuturaSun has fallen upon the city of Taizhou, Jiangsu, a mature region in terms of technology for the solar power sector, guaranteeing extensive availability of parts, know-how, technical competencies and logistical infrastructures close to Shanghai. All characteristics which optimally support company requirements, seeing as the current FuturaSun industrial plant has a 500 MW production capacity.

An investment rooted in the certainty that technological progress have transformed solar energy into the most economic source, set to become the biggest source of electric power throughout the world in the next decade.

The Annual Development Report of Global Green Energy Applications highlighted how the photovoltaic market is rapidly expanding. Over the last decade its installed accumulated capacity has grown from approximately 15 GW in 2008 to 505 GW in 2018. Currently, 32 countries have an accumulated photovoltaic capacity of over 1 GW; eight of these countries have a capacity of over 10 GW and four have over 40 GW.

China, India and other Asian countries are leaders in terms of global photovoltaic growth. Four out of the 10 top countries in terms of new photovoltaic capacity installed in 2018 are in Asia: China, India, Japan and Korea, with a total newly installed capacity of 64.3 GW, over half of total global capacity.

Asia’s huge potential for industrial development in the photovoltaic sector means that it is determined to seek further growth opportunities, thanks to the contribution of international cooperation. One such example is the success story of the Italian company FuturaSun, which has discovered an innovative dimension in China, for strategic collaboration on a global scale.

Also on occasion of this high-calibre international conference, the company proved how it was on the cutting-edge, and that its motto “anticipate tomorrow” is more than just a vision, it is reality.