German logistic companies said they have good experience and are ready for more China-related businesses. 

“More than 60 percent of our business is related to China,” Ingo Grunwald, senior manager operations of German packaging and logistics company EPOLOG, told Xinhua in an interview.

Grunwald, who has been working in the logistics industry for about 31 years, said that the China-related business is growing very fast and there is still a lot of potential to grow.

Walking around in the warehouse of EPOLOG, containers with destinations to Chinese cities can be seen everywhere.

Grunwald said his medium-sized company is ready to handle more China-related business and he hopes that the good trade relationship between Germany and China would maintain a continuous and sustainable development, which would benefit his business.

“Although there are some worrying external elements, but I do not foresee any signal of the decrease of Chinese orders,” he added.

Helmut Oetjen, consultant combined transport of DB Cargo, has never been to China, but he has held many talks with visiting Chinese delegations.

Oetjen said that his DUSS Hamburg-Billwerder intermodal terminal has been dealing with ten thousands of containers brought by the China-Europe freight trains. In 2018, approximate 17,000 loading units were from or to China, making up 6 percent of the terminal’s total loading units in the whole year.

Through the terminal, containers labeled with ZIH from Chinese city of Zhengzhou and with “One Belt One Road” are eye-catching.

Since the first China-Europe freight train arrived in 2013, the business continues to grow every year, Oetjen said, adding that it still has huge potential.

“Our terminal is willing to supply good service for Chinese customers and has lots of room and capacity to do it,” Oetjen reiterated.

“We welcome the passage brought by the China-Europe freight trains. We are ready for more trade volumes,” he concluded by saying “I will absolutely pay a visit to China myself.”

Cao Wei, who is working for Changjiu Logistics GmbH in Hamburg, said that German beer, wine, healthcare and daily products are becoming more and more popular in China. There is great demand and she sees chances of more business.

“As a company registered in Germany, we will continue to build the bridge for the peoples of both sides, and to provide them with good things according to their desire,” she said.

Talking about the readiness of German companies, Tao Bailiang, commercial counselor of general consulate of China in Hamburg, also commented that the German economic and business community has benefited a lot in the past 40 years from China’s reform and opening up.

“The deepening reforms and opening up has brought more development opportunities to German enterprises. The smooth development of China-Germany all-round strategic partnership will pave the way for the success of German companies,” the experienced diplomat noted.