In the wake of China’s increased assertiveness abroad and Russia’s interventions in Ukraine, Syria, and U.S. elections, great power competition has captured the attention of Washington’s Policymakers and analysts.

For many in the strategic community, great power politics is primarily understood as a shorthand for the bilateral competition between the United States and China (or between the United States and Russia).

But great power politics is in fact about much more, and the ties between both China or the United States and the other great powers are of critical importance with the power to shape U.S.- China Competition and the International System.

To Explore these relationships, the papers in this instalment of the Brookings Foreign Policy project “Global China: Assessing China’s Growing Role in the World” explore China’s ties with the Great Powers, notably the United States, Europe, Japan, India, and Russia as well as the implications of those relationships for the United States and International Order.

Author: Tarun Chhabra, Rush Doshi, Ryan Hass & Emilie Kimball
Great Powers