Group-Global (G-Global) International Secretariat announced the introduction of Global Silk Road Prize to the agenda of 2021 G-Global and proposed to create a Permanent Organizing Committee for the Congress during the November 19 virtual Plenary Session of the 2020 G-Global.

The G-Global Congress plans to award the Global Silk Road Prize starting next year, G-Global International Secretariat Deputy Head Murat Karimsakov said.

“This Initiative was supported at the Finding the Way International Forum in 2019 by the leaders of 40 States. Therefore, at yesterday’s Forum of City Mayors, we initiated the creation of an Organizing Committee for the establishment of the Global Silk Road Prize.

We call on you to work actively to organize and hold this global award within the framework of the next international forum of City Mayors, which will be held in Beijing in 2021,” Karimsakov said addressing the Forum Participants.

G-Global International Secretariat Head Serik Nogerbekov proposed to create a permanent organizing committee for the congress during his closing remarks for the November 19 G-Global’s Plenary Session. Nogerbekov expressed his hope to organize the virtual event every year at

“Most importantly, I would like to say that after two days of discussions, there was firm confidence that it is necessary to create such institutions of public diplomacy. What do I mean by this? In the world today, there is state diplomacy, interstate diplomacy – the UN, ADB, WHO. Creation already suggests itself … that the most solid structure is a tripod. The third fulcrum is public diplomacy, this process is going to become very hard now,” added Nogerbekov.

At the Initiative of Kazakhstan’s First President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Congress has been gathering leading economists, scientists, politicians and Nobel Prize winners to discuss the most pressing global challenges.

The experts of the plenary session outlined the main upcoming challenges to be centered around a global recession and expressed their hopes for the economy to revive after the vaccine for COVID-19 is developed. The experts called for collective action to address the challenges.

“Governments began to work less and less with each other, instead of working more and more,” said the UN General Assembly’s 67th Session President Vuk Jeremic. “Not a single country is on track to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals… The re-embracing the (2030) agenda, in my opinion, is the way forward… G-Global is the way to go around this. We need to embrace multilateralism and not division.”