A Series of Paintings created by renowned Chinese Artist Shu Yong during the COVID-19 Pandemic are currently on Exhibition at the Hunan Provincial Museum in Central China’s Changsha.

Kicking Off on Friday, the New Exhibition Tribute to Heroes seeks to Remember the Medical Staff and Ordinary People who had contributed to the fight against the Novel Coronavirus.

The Exhibition features 149 Water Ink Paintings as well as an Oil Painting of Shu’s Signature installation Work ¨The Golden Bridge on the Silk Road,¨ a large bridge made up of more than 20,000 bricks, each of which features one of the National Flowers of the Countries taking part in China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

Artwork by Shu Yong
Photo: Artwork by Shu Yong.

These artworks on display are the result of Shu’s determination to complete at least one painting every day after the COVID-19 Outbreak began.

“Each of these paintings is a tribute to the medic personnel who are fighting on the front-lines against the virus, saving thousands,” the artist said at the opening ceremony on Friday.

“Eventually I will donate these paintings to these heroes.”

Among his paintings are popular Chinese Cultural icons like the Great Wall & Yellow Crane Tower in the form of landscape Paintings, “not only because landscape paintings are a special art form that people are used to, but also because they illustrate the communication between human beings and nature.”

The Artist also created a new mini-series titled Breathing Together, which features portrayals of various Cultural icons such as Vincent van Gogh & US artist Jackson Pollock in

Artwork by Shu Yong
Photo: Artwork by Shu Yong.

side of a pair of human lungs.

“It is a mission for artists today to portray the common values of human beings. Telling China’s stories and letting China’s voice be heard is something we need to do,” Shu said.

The Artist has donated three of his paintings to the Museum.

Shu is well-known for his Golden Bridge on the Silk Road, which made its debut at the Milan Expo in 2015.