Similar views and attitudes of Belarus and China create good preconditions for expanding bilateral cooperation, Belarus Consul General in Shanghai Andrei Andreyev said at the round-table session to discuss Belarus-China Relations amidst geopolitical turmoil.

Andrei Andreyev delivered a speech titled “Sustainable development as a response to modern-day threats”.

He noted: “The similar attitudes of Belarus and China to addressing sustainable development tasks allow boosting bilateral and multilateral cooperation, including within the framework of the Belt & Road Project. They also enable a joint and efficient response to modern-day international threats.”

The session was arranged by the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (BISR) jointly with Chinese partners and took place in the form of a Videoconference.

Taking part in the event were over 20 Belarusian and Chinese Experts. Which included representatives of BISR, the Center for European Integration, the Center for International Studies of Belarusian State University, as well as a research office of the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Foreign Affairs Office of Gansu Provincial People’s Government, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Sichuan International Studies University and Other Institutions.