As China remains the Port of Hamburg’s largest trading partner in 2018, the Port saw a distinct increase in container transport with China by Rail, according to a press release from Hamburg Liaison Office China.

The Office quoted data from Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) and said that in the year of 2018, one in three of all containers handled in the port are shipped to or from China.

“Having handled around 4.8 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) to or from China, Hamburg is the main hub for cargo transportation with China by a wide margin,” explains Axel Mattern, Joint CEO of Port of Hamburg Marketing.

According to the Data from HHM, among the port’s 8.7 million TEU of seaborne cargo, around 2.6 million TEU were with China.

Although the ocean-going vessel remained the main carrier, around 235 weekly container train departed from Hamburg and travelled along the new Silk Road to China, up 25 percent year on year.

“We shall be further strengthening and expanding our location in terms of transport geography for the benefit of our worldwide port customers,” Mattern said, saw tremendous growth potential in logistically linking the countries of the Baltic region with the new Silk Road.

“Whether for transport links by sea or by land, Hamburg is seen in China as one of the most important terminuses for the Silk Road,” said Lars Anke, the Executive Director of the Hamburg Liaison Office in Shanghai.

The Port of Hamburg handled 135.1 million tons of seaborne cargoes and achieved a record figure of 46.8 million tons for railborne Freight Transport.