When Trump said America First the world thought we’ll see Peace but No, again when Boris said to Think of British People – we thought we’ll see Peace but No, and when the Belt & Road Initiative wanted to help build Bridges for People, we thought we need all that – but No!!! 

In-fact our world saw USA building walls with Mexico, China with its Belt & Road Initiative, India & Japan Ruling the Pacific, even Canada getting active in World Politics, Saudi Princes emerging as a cold-blooded killer. We also witnessed US accepting Israel disappointing Palestinian people, Peace deal with Taliban, development in Africa, technology advancing to 5-G, Trains & Bridges were built but failed to bring peace & harmony to the world.

Instead, the fast growing life made us forget the value of Humanity day by day. And when the world was Celebrating 2020, a virus surfaced in Wuhan – China, that turned into a global pandemic within a few weeks, know as Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), spreading a wave of death around the world.

But strangely with its severe devastation, COVID-19 also brought Peace to the world like never before that no Great Politician of today or the massive Belt & Road Initiative could bring. All wars have halted; world’s Hippocratic polities have taken a back seat as these politicians have their hands full with COVID-19 in their respective Countries.

The pollution levels on roads have decreased, local businesses have been shut, factories closed, social movement restricted and transportation brought to a halt in short no Pollution, all under the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All though; this Pandemic has infected over 1.2 million people worldwide, and killed over 68 thousand while affecting 208 Countries & Territories around the World. No doubt it will bring economic hardships to millions around the globe, but having said this all; COVID-19 also brought us all together as human beings in a way that we all had forgotten. It taught us again to stay home with our families & loved ones, it brought back values of family life together, made us remember all of our forgotten family members and friends. 

First-time governments around the world are paying us to stay home; we are scared but we are playing games at home with our families & loved ones; we are scared but we started praying to our Lords, we are scared but the petrol price is dropping, we are scared but we call all our old friends, we are scarred but we keep ourselves clean, we no more jump on the bed with shoes, we wash our hands frequently. Clean hands are back in fashion again. 

COVID-19 has brought Peace to the world that no big leaders of the world could bring; it halted wars; all non-valued world politics have stopped (at least for now) and the pollution levels have fallen drastically.

This disease has brought back important values in our lives; which all working mothers and our hero fathers had forgotten. We had forgotten that there is a God as well, we forgot that our house needs us and all the things we can do at home, like watch Tv or Netflix, read books, play board games, surf the internet or just going through old family photographs and videos for which we no longer had time for.

How humanity is finally finding itself again in the face of global adversity. That race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation… it’s all arbitrary in the face of this catastrophic, heartbreaking period where no one is unaffected. Nothing of this scale or president has been witnessed globally since WW2. 

But instead of killing each other and hating, we are brought together, to fight a united enemy. There are more stories of genuine love and compassion for our fellow humans than that of negativity and hate. 

All of our material wonders that we have placed precedence on have now become inconsequential. We have, once again, found what really matters, spending time with loved ones, looking after our family, neighbour’s and friends. That we do not need material possessions to be happy.

BUT the question is….. post-COVID 19, will this last?

Author: Grace Mackenzie, Political Analyst has written this article with contribution from Matt Orr.
Editor’s Note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.