The Hassyan Energy Company, a joint venture between DEWA, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority and ACWA Power Harbin Holding Company, will own and operate the Hassyan Power Plant.

Hassyan Unit 1 (4×600MW) Clean Coal Power Plant connects to the grid for Power Generation which marked a significant progress in the construction of the First Clean Power Plant in the Middle East.

Duan Tengfei, Project Manager of the plant, said HEI successfully achieved synchronisation at one attempt at 13:45 on May 18 local time in Dubai, adding the parameters of various systems of the unit were normal, and the equipment was running smoothly with excellent quality.

Within the past two months, important progresses have been achieved in the construction of all the units: Boiler of Unit 1 has been successfully ignited; the installation of the boiler of Unit 2 and the installation of the equipment pipes of the main power house have been in the peak period and the placement of the main transformer has been completed, which have been appreciated and affirmed by the Project Owner DEWA, Duan said.

As a key project, which will play an important role supporting the UAE Clean Energy Strategy 2050, the Hassyan Project is the first investment project by the Silk Road Fund in the Middle East, and will also be the first clean coal power plant in Mideast when it is completed.

The Project is equipped with 4 ultra-supercritical units with a total installed capacity of 2400MW. It has the ability to completely combust coal or natural gas as a backup fuel. All of the four units will be put into commercial operation in 2023.

After being put into operation, they will not only provide 20% of the power energy of Dubai, but also greatly reduce the electricity cost of local residential users and will provide power guarantee for the Expo Dubai