A revolutionary leadership promotion program was recently launched to understand and best manage the global impact of President Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road, One Road, One Belt Initiative.

This unique “Executive DBA” combines the expertise and knowledge of Headspring, an Executive Development Joint Venture of IE Business School & the Financial Times, and Silk Road Business School, the first educational platform of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

The Project offers high-level, accredited learning programs for business leaders from around the world interested in developing international trade along the New Silk Road.

This is something that other business schools or universities are currently unable to offer on a similar scale.

The DBA is about to embark on October 2020 and covers topics ranging from management to enterprise technology, including Big Data, AI, and Data Science. It is open to anyone interested in the BRI, for example, people working in and with Chinese companies across Asia, Africa and Europe.

For maximum accessibility, the program will be offered 100% online or in a blended format, making it suitable for people who are unable to commit to two years of full-time study.

Course participants benefit from interactive sessions, live online webinars and a free learning platform with asynchronous learning resources available in 12 languages. The learning process begins on demand, providing additional flexibility. Face-to-face seminars and learning expeditions will also be available, mainly at the Masters and Doctorate levels.

Shorter courses leading to certification will follow shortly, with Masters-level programs planned for the future.

Other benefits of the project include the creation of a think tank and forum where all participants and subject matter experts can meet and work together, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration across the Belt.