Jiading based ComNav Technology Co is a key supplier of high-precision modules and receivers for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System.

Last August, ComNav built the country’s first provincial reference station network compatible with Beidou global signals.

The Quantum III chip developed by ComNav can support the BeiDou-3 system and provide more reliable positioning information. The technology was applied to the National Day military parade last year.

In addition, the N5 inertial navigation system RTK (real-time kinematic) is compatible with the BeiDou-3 satellite signal, which is equipment to be launched by ComNav, with a measurement precision of fewer than 2.5 centimetres.

With self-developed and fully localized software and hardware equipment, ComNav has realised seamless coverage of high-precision positioning reference services in Shandong Province and its offshore islands. It can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

ComNav plays an important role in precision agriculture and intelligent transport industries and aims to provide high-efficient application services for a whole industrial chain to more than 100 countries and regions based on the Belt & Road Initiative.

Author: Tong Wangyue