China’s State Information Center and the Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce launched a comprehensive and interactive database in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Monday to inform Chinese mainland enterprises of the latest investment opportunities and provide data analyses of Belt & Road Markets.

The platform tells investors of the latest trends and policies of BRI Markets, with a database for high-demand projects, visualized and interactive maps, as well as big data analyses and in depth research. It also offers customized data analysis reports on request.

The number of projects, data and relevant news on the platform are the most comprehensive so far, according to a press release issued by the Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce.

Besides energy and infrastructure projects, investments in BRI markets in the past seven years have covered industries like manufacturing and transport, plus professional services in various sectors.

The chamber said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about fundamental changes in the global supply chain and the manufacturing sector, and an international, high-quality and sustainable investment and trading network under the BRI Initiative is widely expected.

It said the virus outbreak has expedited the development of a digitalized BRI network. Some studies have shown that the surge in cross-border trading generated by the BRI will be the most vital opportunity for Hong Kong and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

With the new database, companies can customize market analyses, including bilateral documents, the latest policies and guidelines about investment taxation, Customs, foreign exchange and labor, as well as risk warning.

In depth research on individual projects and cooperative companies can be produced to obtain scientific evaluation. Big data analysis is also available on the number, ranking and investment scale of projects of a certain industry in a certain region or country, to form a professional business report on representative project overviews, trending industry news and active corporate profiles.