Ellen Tsang, Chairwoman of the Y.Elites Association, has encouraged Hong Kong young people to seize the opportunities created in national development, in particular those brought by the 14th Five-Year Plan.

In an interview with Tsang cited opportunities in building Hong Kong into a global innovation and technology centre, constructing the Belt & Road Platform and developing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

“The high-quality development of the Greater Bay Area will greatly broaden the development room of Hong Kong youth and give them a huge stage to give full play to their expertise and skills,” Tsang said.

Participating in the Belt & Road Construction, young people familiar with both Eastern and Western cultures can help bridge China and the rest of the world during the country’s further opening-up, and the innovation drive, including upgrades in traditional sectors, will also enable young people to stretch their wings, she said.

Tsang called on young people to tap on the chances in Hong Kong’s integration into the country’s new “dual circulation” development pattern.

To motivate Hong Kong youth, Tsang stressed efforts to promote exchange activities between Hong Kong and other parts of the Greater Bay Area and improve the understanding of the significance of “one country, two systems” to Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity.

Founded in 2007, the association owns over 1,000 members, including young entrepreneurs and professionals, and aims to promote Hong Kong young people’s exchanges with the Chinese mainland.

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