Certain Western media’s coverage of the unrest in Hong Kong has been largely biased as they selectively ignored the violent actions of protesters, said Shen Haixiong, President of China Media Group (CMG), in a recent interview.

When responding to a question about how he sees Hong Kong’s situation and world media’s overall coverage of the issue, Shen said many western media organisations are “instilling biases” through the coverage of the Hong Kong unrest.

Shen said some media organisations released a few clips allegedly showing the police “attacking” the protesters, while in fact the police were just defending themselves from protesters who were attacking both them and other innocent residents.

He called on Hong Kong residents to think calmly.

“The current situation in Hong Kong has been caused by a disparity between the rich and the poor. Young generation’s developments are limited. Many fields are monopolised by the rich. It is the reflection of the shortcomings of the capitalist system.

This is also the reason why the nearby city Shenzhen is developing rapidly, and its GDP already exceeds Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a negative example. People in the mainland should cherish our system, our economic environment.

The central government still believes in the SAR government, believes in Carrie Lam, the police force and the judicial system of the SAR. After months of riots, I think it is time for Hong Kong residents to think calmly now,” he said.

All eyes are on China as it is the world’s second largest economy. Shen also talked about China’s economic outlook in the interview. Shen, who attended last week’s Central Economic Work Conference that reviews domestic economy annually, reassured that China’s economic outlook is still promising.

Besides domestic economic situation, Shen also talked about China’s future cooperation with other countries, especially with the United States and Europe.

He stressed again the importance of multilateral cooperation among world’s countries for overall development, which is rooted in Chinese culture.

Shen also applauded the historic decision of Italy to join China’s Belt & Road Initiative officially in March, the first country to do so in the Group of Seven (G7). He said these two countries have a lot of areas for cooperation, particularly Italy’s food & creative industries.

Editor’s Note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.