Several Human Rights activists staged a protests against China at Hachiko Statue near Shibuya Station in Tokyo on Sunday. The Protest was staged by People from various nationalities including Japanese, Indians, Taiwanese, Tibetans & Others.

The protesters gathered to voice their concerns against the Chinese President Xi Jinping. They believe that China has been trying to encroach territories of all its neighbours including Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, South China Sea, East China Sea by force. The protesters alleged that President Jinping has also tricked financially unstable Countries under China’s debt through Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and One Belt One Road (OROB) Projects.

In addition to this, the protesters criticised the Jinping-led government for attacking the Indian military in the Galwan valley few weeks back, which led to a violent face-off.

The activists also blamed China for isolating Taiwan at the Global Summit, even during the ongoing pandemic. Taiwan was recently denied representation at World Health Organisation (WHO) at China’s behest.

Taiwan had claimed that if WHO had paid attention to the initial alarm raised by Taiwan regarding COVID-19, the effect would have been less. The protest was seen as critical and important voice against Jinping’s constant trials at suppressing pro-democracy voices.

The protests have been staged at a time when China is in a verbal war with several countries, such as the US, India, Australia and Canada.

China has been gaining negative focus from various countries, for a few months now, and the protests, which included people from different nationalities, is being perceived as an important message against the malpractices being conducted by China.