“The Belt and Road” initiative is an important measure of China for implementing the outward-looking opening-up strategy after the economy has shifted to a new normal.

It has been widely recognised and supported by countries along the routes since it has been put forward by President Xi Jinping in 2013, and has entered the stage of practical cooperation from initiative stage.

The interlinked hearts of people is the social foundation of “the Belt and Road” construction, while culture plays the vital role of communication. Located in Northeast China, Heilongjiang Province is an important gateway for “the Belt and Road” to open to the north, an integral part of “China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor”, so its strategic position is of vital importance.

such background, cultural industry development in Heilongjiang Province faces not only the unprecedented new opportunities but also numerous challenges.

In this paper, the opportunities and challenges for cultural industry in Heilongjiang Province are analysed and relevant policies and suggestions are proposed to promote cultural communication and interlinking of the hearts of people of China and countries along the routes.