Against the backdrop of deteriorating China-US ties, it is a common practice for US Media to slander China, and now their new trick is to combine geopolitical issues with public health issues to smear China, Analysts said.

The US used to be the single dominant force in the Middle East but has now shifted its focus to the Indo-Pacific region and the Asia-Pacific Region.

However, it is unwilling to see China & Countries in the Middle East expanding cooperation, especially when the Middle East has recognised China and its assistance without political conditions, Li Weijian Vice President of Middle East Institute of China, said.

The US is also wary about its values being challenged and China’s increasing soft power while China has gained more recognition for its development patterns amid this pandemic, Li said.

The status of the pandemic in China and other countries has shifted, but some Western countries refuse to recognise this since they gloated over China’s epidemic and criticised its social system.

However, China has put the domestic epidemic under control and started to help other countries and regions. “China has no history of colonisation or missionary work of spreading religion in the Middle East.

We also emphasise that the Belt & Road Initiative is not exporting China’s development model to the Middle East, which may not be suitable for locals, but sharing China’s development experience,” Liu Zhongmin, Professor at the Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University, said.

“China does not want to build a sphere of influence in the Middle East and does not cultivate its own proxies,” Liu said.