Experts and government officials across the world have hailed China over its sharing of the successful experiences in containing the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In Central and Eastern Europe, Chinese Health experts have shared their know-how in fighting the virus’ outbreak with their peers from 17 Countries in the region via video conferences.

At one such meeting, 35 officials and health experts from Serbia had in-depth exchanges with the Chinese experts, applauding China’s first-hand experiences which are considered timely and helpful.

“It is valuable that the attendees are medical workers who join in the fight against the epidemic in China. Any exchanges and communication under the current circumstance are very useful and necessary for us,” said Goran Stevanovic, Director of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases of the Clinical Center of Serbia.

The Assistant Secretary General at General Secretariat of Serbia Danijel Nikolic also praised China’s efforts in information sharing.

“Chinese experts, who shared experience, allow us to see another form of the globalisation. The Belt and Road Initiative and the ’17+1 cooperation’ are not just economic cooperation, it is a shared destiny during the difficult times,” said Nikolic.

Chinese government also sent a medical team to Italy on Friday, helping Italy fight against the virus with China’s experience in epidemic control and prevention.

So far, China has shared information on epidemic control and treatment with more than 100 countries and 10 International & Regional Organisations, showing its responsibility as a big Country.

“China should stand ready to assist, because they, again, have more experience in dealing with virus than any other country. And there is a lot they can teach African countries. So there ought to be a global response basically, where all countries help each other with information, with resources, with knowledge, so we can overcome this problem at hand,” said Leslie Mensah, a Ghanaian Economist from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

A Cuban biomedical expert is also impressed with China’s epidemic control efforts, saying that China has shown its technological ability and organising power.

“China’s epidemic control experience is quite impressive. By all kinds of measures, the epidemic has been put under control in China.

From using information technology to control the spread of the virus, to treatment and isolation procedure, China shows its remarkable technological ability and the organising power under its system.

We can gain the first-hand epidemic control experience from China everyday, because we have colleagues working, studying, cooperating in China,” said Gerardo Guillen, the biomedical Research Director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba.