The 6th Silk Road International Film Festival concluded Sunday in Fuzhou, the capital of east China’s Fujian Province, according to the organiser.

A total of five awards for the best feature film, animated film, documentary film, and the most popular actor and actress of the year were given during the event.

“The Wandering Earth” produced by China and “Lazzaro Felice” co-produced by Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany were among three joint winners of the “2019 ‘Golden Silk Road’ Media Honour” for the Feature Film of the Year.

Italian actor Adriano Tardiolo starring in “Lazzaro Felice” and British actress Katie Proctor starring in “Sorry We Missed You” won the awards for the most popular actor and actress of the year.

More than 400 films from over 40 countries and regions along the Belt & Road, competed for the awards at the film festival, which screened more than 160 films from 52 countries and regions since its opening on Oct. 15.

A total of 32 projects covering copyright transactions, film co-production and other fields worth more than 18 billion yuan (2.54 billion U.S. dollars) were signed during the event.

Established in 2014, the film festival aims to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Belt & Road, and is hosted by Fujian and northwest China’s Shaanxi Province in rotation.