Artists and officials attend the opening of The Official launch of the International Urban Sculpture Biennale of Qinhan New City, which kicked off on Saturday in Venice, Italy.

The Biennale aims to provide a platform for artists from China and other countries to discuss the design and construction of Chinese-style public spaces, which is also one of the goals of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Located near Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, Qinhan New City is the site of the ancient capital of Chang’an during the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). It boasts many ancient ruins from the Qin and Han (206BC-AD220) dynasties.

Qin Han New City.
Photo: Berner Venet gives a speech at the opening of the International Urban Sculpture Biennale of Qinhan New City.

For centuries, the Silk Road connected China to Italy.

From a historical perspective, both Xi’an in China and Venice, Italy, are important representatives of Eastern and Western cultures. Now China’s Belt and Road Initiative has injected new energy into the communication between these two ancient nations.

Sun Nan, Deputy Director of the Qinhan New City Management Committee, said during the opening of the Biennale that as the Belt and Road Initiative continues to develop, it has become necessary to enhance cooperation between the culture industry and public art and communication between artists and entrepreneurs.

French conceptual artist Berner Venet also attended the opening of the Biennale.

He said he believes that the event will attract the attention of the global art and culture community and many top artists, which will increase the international influence of Qin Han New City and benefit Chinese urban construction and art.