The International Winter Camp for the Alliance of the Belt and the Road for Aeronautics and Astronautics, which lasted for 14 days, concluded at the Military Technical College, where 74 members from 15 scientific institutions participated.

The closing ceremony of the activities of the camp started with a speech by Secretary General of the Alliance of Belt and Road, in which she expressed her thanks to the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Military Technical College for organising this important scientific forum which contributed in the exchange of visions and experiences through workshops, lectures and competitions that created the spirit of competition between All students enrolled.

The Director of the Military Technical College pointed out that establishing such camps is one of the ways that contribute to the development of the spirit of collective participation and the ability to work in a team spirit and link between theoretical study and practical application, which contributes to the development of the educational system and improve the level of students.

At the end of the final session of the activities distinguish students in various competitions of the camp were honoured.

It is worth mentioning that the Military Technical College organised the camp based on the invitation of the Secretariat of the Alliance of Belt and Road to Aeronautics and Astronautics to the Military Technical College to organise the winter camp of the alliance, where the camp is the first activity carried out outside the People’s Republic of China.

This camp comes within the framework of supporting the General Command of the Armed Forces to develop the educational and research system within the military colleges and institutes to produce a generation capable of keeping abreast of the technological development in all fields of science and research and expanding the base of research fields through the organisation of joint research activities at the international level to develop design capacity.