Global Internal Logistics firm Interroll is optimistic about the prospects of the Chinese market thanks to the country’s fast growing e-commerce and delivery sectors.

The Chinese market is of special strategic importance and poses huge growth potential, said Ben Xia, Executive Vice President and Head of Asia with Interroll Group.

The Chinese logistics sector’s continuous expansion and pursuit of faster, smarter and greener services at lower costs will drive up demand for interal logistics products and services, according to Xia.

Official data showed that China’s total value of social logistics goods grew 6.1 percent year on year in the first half of 2019, while total logistics costs edged up.

The Switzerland-based multinational firm, which supplies products such as conveyors and rollers to clients like courier firms and airports, saw its sales gain 8.4 percent year on year in H1, with the Asia Pacific region as one of the major contributors.

The company started operation in China in 2002 by opening a factory in east China’s Industrial Hub Suzhou, which later became one of Asia’s major regional technological centres, the company’s only such centre capable of producing its complete spectrum of key products.

Xia said the company will continue to invest in the region to share the growth and evolution of the local logistics sector.

“The Development of the Belt & Road Initiative and policies to encourage Foreign Investment will further support our business expansion here,” Xia added.