On 9 March, Chinese State Councillor & Foreign Minister Wang Yi took a phone call from Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim.

Alhakim said that Iraq and China enjoy a long standing friendship. At the most critical moment of Irapi people’s fight against COVID-19, China provided selfless assistance by dispatching medical supplies and a medical team specialised in the field of confronting Coronavirus to Baghdad.

He expressed thanks and appreciation for Beijing’s stances in support of Iraq. We are confident that with the help from China, Iraq will overcome the epidemic at an early date. Iraq stands ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China in international and regional affairs.

Wang said that the disease is breaking out in various places with multiple sources in the world. It poses a new challenge to the response efforts. Guided by the recognition that mankind is a community with a shared future, China is working to not only protect its own people’s health and safety but also step up international and regional cooperation on epidemic prevention and control to contribute its part to global public health security.

Wang noted that China and Iraq cherish a traditional friendship and have always understood and supported each other. Last month, the President and Prime Minister of Iraq sent letters to Chinese leaders to express their sympathies and support.

After the disease broke out in Iraq, the Chinese government directed the Red Cross Society of China to send a medical team there to support Iraq’s fight against the epidemic. China is confident that the Iraqi people will overcome the outbreak at an early date. China stands ready to provide further assistance and support to the best of its capabilities.

Wang said that China and Iraq have strong mutual trust and firmly support each other’s core interests. The bilateral relationship has stood the test of changing international landscape.

China believes that Iraq’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity should be respected and opposes foreign interference in Iraq’s internal affairs.

China is ready to further deepen Belt & Road Cooperation with Iraq, help it advance economic reconstruction, and work for new progress in the comprehensive partnership between the two countries.

As a responsible major country, China will always stand in solidarity with Iraq and other fellow developing countries.