First Tunnel of more than 1,000 meters long on the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway built by a Chinese Company in Indonesia was drilled through Sunday Morning.

The 1,285 Meter long No.7 Tunnel of the Jakarta-Bandung high speed Railway Project is the third drilled-through tunnel on the rail line. The construction is undertaken by the China Railway Engineering Group Ltd.

Located in the northwest Bandung, the tunnel is the longest tunnel in the whole project with the heaviest workload in the most unfavorable working environment.

After 16 months of construction, the tunnel was drilled through as scheduled despite the delay caused by the COVID-19.

Local people speak highly of the project and constructors.

“First, there is no noise during the construction. Second, there is no industrial waste disturbing us. Third, all the dust from the construction is treated by the company,” said a resident named Doudu.

“The drilled-through No. 7 Tunnel marks the construction and production of the JB high speed railway has come to its climax. In spite of the epidemic, we worked all out and tried to lay a good foundation for the completion of the entire project off the line next year.

It boosted the morale of all our workers in the high speed railway construction, which is significant,” said Liang Guochen, chief engineer of the project.

The Jakarta-Bandung Railway is one of the key projects under the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative. The Railway line is 142.3 km in total length, comprising 13 tunnels and trains will run at a designed speed of 350 km per hour. It is the first of its kind in Indonesia as well as in Southeast Asia.

The traveling time from Jakarta to Bandung will be reduced from more than three hours to just half an hour, which will help spur economic activities along the line between the two cities.