Kazakhstan will share its experience in the digital transformation of Healthcare with the United States Department of Defence. Kazakhstan will Speak at an Online Session of Bio-surveillance Network of the Silk Road Countries, which is an open Platform for epidemiologists and Medical Professionals of the Silk Road Countries.

On April 23, the Kazakh Health Ministry approved the regulation on “The assignment of an object identifier in the digital health space” to ensure equal understanding of the digital data structure.

Medical information systems exchange this structure in the communication process. This regulation will allow creating a unified centralised repository of medical data on a single platform. In other words, it is the exchange of big data without additional processing.

U.S. Defence Threat Reduction Agency became interested in the step that Kazakhstan Took

Taking into account the relevance of this issue in the fight against COVID-19, the American Ministry invited administration of the Kazakh Health Ministry to share their experience.

“Program experts of both parties are actively involved in the fight against COVID-19 at the moment. Video-conferences are carried out regularly inviting narrow specialists and participants among medical professionals from the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East & Eastern Europe.

Representatives of Kazakh Medical Institutions and Government agencies have already participated in sessions on scientific approaches, dissemination and coronavirus treatment protocols,” stated in the Country’s Health Ministry Press Service.