Kenyan Policemen have been featured in Chinese Television Series, Hunting which is a joint effort between the Kenyan and Chinese Governments.

The drama series centres around an economic investigation team tasked with tracking and capturing criminals who fled China to escape prosecution for Financial Crimes.

“First ever China-Kenya Cooperated TV Series, Hunting are on the hotline. A global anti-Corruption Operation.

Three Episodes tapped in Kenya. Brilliant Kenyan actors and sceneries!” a tweet from the Chinese Embassy in Kenya read in part.

The 44 episode series was facilitated by China’s Ministry of Public Security and mirrored Fox Hunt, a Chinese anti-corruption mission, that was launched in 2014.

“The boundaries of the law must not be tested or crossed”

“The boundaries of the law must not be tested or crossed” show Director Liu Xin was said, further noting that curbing crime was the key theme in the series.

The filming of the series was concluded in 123 days, with 59 splits between Kenya and the Czech Republic.

The Series Stars a Criminal Investigator who switches from tracking hard crime to Financial Crimes. He joins a Financial Crimes Investigation Team, where they track down Members of a Group caught up in illegal activities.

Hunting TV Series
Photo: Hunting – (Chinese TV Series).

In episode 37, they get wind that the key suspect is in Kenya and in custody, and travel to retrieve him from Kiserian Police Station where he is being held. It is after they arrive at the station that they realise, he had bribed himself out of custody and the officer responsible is fired. 

China has been a key partner in supporting the fight against corruption in Kenya. On December 15, 2019, Ambassador Wu Peng pledged support for zero tolerance on graft in the Country.

Ambassador Wu in his speech during the Belt & Road Initiative and CNPC in Africa Seminar, assured that China was committed to building a “Clean Silk Road” both home and abroad.

He urged Chinese companies to strictly abide by Kenyan laws and regulations, issuing a warning that any Chinese enterprise involved in corruption, would be punished by both the Kenyan and Chinese Governments.

Author: Ezra Manyibe