The American interest in North Korea is not spontaneously. In the deal between the two countries, North Korea’s aim of leaving the nuclear weapons in the deal is to target it other than American aid. America’s concern is more than North Korea’s nuclear program. Indeed, the tactical equation of the Asia region is rapidly changing with nuclear-fired North Korea and China. The whole concern of America is to create this tactic. What’s the big concern of America? Here’s how the strategic balance is worsening. What is the implication of the talks between North Korea Kim Jong and those President Donald Trump?

America’s Deep Impact on North Korea Worried America

China has long been influencing North Korea. North Korea’s continued dependence on nuclear-powered North China is increasing. In fact, China is involved in the number of friendly North Koreans of North Korea. But the way China is building its strength in Asian countries, it is affecting American economic and strategic interests in this area. Because of this, the US has changed its Korea diplomacy. With this, US President Trump has reduced the concerns of South Korea and Japan, with the assurance of ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

In return, North Korea’s nuclear weapons are always at risk for Japan and South Korea. America is aware of this concern. In such a situation, the United States tried to relieve its associates from worrying about their deal. However, in North Korea and the American Deal, it was not clear what range he would eliminate the museum. In return for ending nuclear weapons, the US has assured the financial assistance. The American intention behind this help is that it will reduce the dependence of North Korea towards China.

America came Closer to India to reduce Chinese Domination

The proximity of America has increased from India due to the growing influence of China in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. This is the reason why the bilateral strategic partnership between the two countries has been intensified. America, China’s One Belt, One Road Project is a matter of concern. Therefore, the Trump Administration says that India is important because of America’s strategy in the Indian Ocean region. America’s potential missile defence cooperation with India is being linked to this link. China’s forest belt, forest road project has caused a turbulent South Asia’s strategic balance. Because of this, there has been a change in the American strategy.

Pentagon claims that the threats arising from offensive missile capabilities are no longer limited to some parts of the world. Now in South Asia, many countries are developing advanced ballistic and cruise missiles. In view of this, the US has negotiated potential missile defence cooperation with India. America claims that India is an important part of a big defence partner and our Hind-Pacific strategy. The report also mentions Russia and China’s missile development programs. They have been identified as a major threat to America.

North Korea vs USA

There is also a question that why the President of the country in this column of the world needs to meet Kim Jong after all. Let’s know what the relative status and strength of the two countries.

Per capita income in North Korea is $ 700, and per capita income is 60 thousand dollars in the US.

The US has 6550 nuclear weapons, while North Korea has only 15 nuclear weapons.
Kim Jong is the leader of 2.5 million people, while Donald Trump reports about 33 million Americans.

Korea has approximately 1.3 million soldiers, meaning every twentieth army is in the military. In the US with a population of 32 million, there are 133 million soldiers, of which one is on 237 people.