First Lujiazui International Reinsurance Conference

Europe Assistance (EA) participated in the first Lujiazui International Reinsurance Conference in Shanghai. The LIRC was part of the Second China International Import Expo.

It was the first time insurance was included in CIIE. As a partner of LIRC, EA successfully held a sub-forum on the subject of “Belt & Road, From Travel Risk to Recovery” and received positive feedback.

Over 60 customers from leading insurance and reinsurance companies attended the EA “Belt & Road” sub-forum.

Chen Peng, Chairman of Generali China, Liu Jian, the Asia Regional Ambassador of the ICC Commission on Taxation, ex-Senior Executive from the China National Petroleum Corporation, and Dong Xiangbin, Senior Executive from China Re (life), joined along with Iain Woodward, Chief Insurance Officer of EA Asia and Daniel Cheung, CEO of EA China.

In a panel discussion to share thoughts and insights, from prevention to protection, on the comprehensive risks faced by Chinese companies with “Belt & Road Initiatives”, especially on travel related personal safety, accidents and health, and medical protection related risks.

They also jointly discussed with the audiences the possibilities where insurance, reinsurance, overseas reinsurers, and assistance or professional services can respectively play their roles, release further capacity, and work together to maximise the effectiveness while protecting the Chinese customers Going Out, under the Belt & Road initiatives.

Working with over 750,000 providers, EA provides services in more than 200 countries and territories, servicing over 300 million customers, covering most Belt & Road areas.

As a member of EA group and an international re-insurer, Europe Assistance Irish Branch (EAIB) is licensed for a broad range of insurance, both corporate and individual, with its professional risk assessment capabilities to provide risk solutions, particularly in the global leisure and business travel insurance market. It has been registered as Fac re-insurer in China as well.

Being the world’s second-largest insurance market, in support of the Belt & Road initiatives, the China market has an increasing demand for reinsurance, which allows for more opportunities of cooperation between domestic and overseas reinsurers such as EAIB.

Under the context of the country’s further opening up its financial service sector to the foreign-invested companies, Europe Assistance is planning to further invest in China.

With 30 years footprints in China and business/cooperation in major cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Europe Assistance is now planning to expand its business operations in China to cover insurance brokerage, backed up by the group’s insurance and reinsurance expertise and practices across the globe, as well as caring assistance services that connect 300 million customers worldwide to the insurers.