Lebanese Officials called upon Arab Countries to boost their ties with China and find ways of cooperation for common development.

“Arab countries used to have great ties with China … We hope that these strong ties get restored soon and become stronger than before,” Abdul Rahim Mrad, Member of Parliament (MP).

Mrad said that China builds real friendships with other Countries

“The interest for all Arabs is (to) go towards China by boosting their economic political and security ties with the country.”

Similarly, Lebanese Minister of State for Foreign Trade Hassan Mourad also called for better cooperation among Arab countries in building good ties with China.

He said that Lebanon, for its part, will soon hold meetings with Chinese officials to agree on ways of cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

“We started with the Chinese ambassador a dialogue to see how we can cooperate and what we can do to boost ties by signing new agreements with China,” he said.

Speaking of the latest actions taken by the U.S. government, both officials said that the United States cannot succeed in imposing its hostile policies on the world.

“The United States cannot succeed in this strategy. Most of the wars in the world were caused by the United States. Their policy is wrong, and they do not have principles to preserve,” said MP Mrad.

Minister Mourad said that the U.S. policy will not impact the world economy as the world has entered a phase of globalisation where countries can easily cooperate and communicate.

“Any wars, sanctions, pressures, attempts to impose conditions on any country will not work anymore because of prevailing openness and communication all over the world,” he said.