The Phenomena of the People’s Republic of China in the global arena are quite significant and present opportunities and challenges for post-war countries in Africa, including Liberia. But what is the ultimate push behind Beijing’s new diplomatic ties with African States and Governments? 

And what is the impact of Beijing aid in Africa’s poorest states?  It has been observed that the new level of Beijing influence has ignited political competition between China and the United States on the African continent; China views development and foreign aid as practical policy instruments to promote political friendship and economic cooperation, while the U.S. attaches clearly stated goals, stringent conditions, and strict criteria for its development programs. 

An Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Liberia Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Josephus Moses Gray, offers a deep qualitative analysis of China’s Impact on Liberia’s Socio-Economic and Infrastructural Development.

Liberia-China’s Bilateral Relations