The Minister of Transport is seeking to stimulate Trade Exchange between East & West Countries and vice versa through the Iraqi Port of Faw and the Dry Channel by Iraqi Railways.

The Minister of Transport, Engineer Abdullah Laibi Bahd, presided over Wednesday, the fourth meeting of the Diwani Order Committee 70 for the year 2018 Special

With the accession of Iraq to the Belt & Road Initiative at the Ministry’s Bureau, in the presence of members of the Committee, including representatives of State Ministries and other concerned parties.

The Minister said that the Ministry of Transport was keen to hold the meetings of the Committee on an ongoing basis for its serious interest in this particularly important initiative, starting with preparing documents for the inclusion and implementation of infrastructure projects for the initiative in the forefront of railways, ports and roads, from detailed designs and economic feasibility studies, as well as the acquisition of land located within tracks Rail lines according to the priorities of these projects to be implemented simultaneously with the construction of the Grand Faw port.

And among his sovereignty, Cabinet Decision No. 10 of 1/14/2020 concerning the acquisition of lands located on the path of the Basra-Faw railway project, with a length of 98 km, which links the port of Faw with the national railway network and is planned to be included in the projects of the Ministry of Transport because of its great importance as it represents a key economic development factor for the country comparable to oil wealth with financial returns on the one hand and on the other hand is considered a factor of political stability that helps open up prospects for cooperation in all fields between Countries.

The meeting resulted in a number of decisions, the most important of which was;

First; approaching the Chinese and Turkish authorities through diplomatic channels to form a tripartite Iraqi-Chinese-Turkish committee for the Belt & Road Initiative, in a way that secures the flow of goods and goods through the ports of Iraq and the dry channel between the East and West and in both directions.

Second; Assigning the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draw up a road map for the steps that must be taken for the official accession of our country to this initiative.

Third; Assigning the Iraqi ports to draw up a qualitative study on transporting goods from the Pakistani port of Foadar to the large Faw port, as the Iraqi-Turkish border and vice versa in conjunction with the railways.

It should be mentioned that the role of the Ministry of Transport in the Diwaniya Command Committee No. 70 of 2018 is to accelerate and facilitate the procedures for Iraq’s accession to the initiative and the Asian Investment Bank for Infrastructures, explaining that the committee was formed based on the proposal of the Ministry of Transport as it possesses strategic investment projects of the most important of them (the big FAO project, the dry channel project project Railways and highways) all make Iraq a major transit corridor for transporting goods and commodities from the eastern countries towards European Markets.