Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Warship Near Port City of Chahbahar - Iran

Iran, Russia & China Joint Naval Exercises in Indian Ocean

On February 16, as NATO prepared its summit to prosecute “strategic rivalry” with Russia and China, Iranian and Russian warships launched...
MENA (Belt & Road)

MENA Countries Plans to Invest in Belt & Road Opportunities

Social infrastructure, logistics, as well as smart city projects are the top three most cited sectors where businesses in the Middle...
Chinese & Russian Marines

China & Russia in Middle East Power & Influence Competition

The Head of US Military’s Central Command warned that United States faced greater competition in the Middle East from both China...
Silk Road Map

Maritime Silk Road & Arab Merchants

The Maritime Silk Road was an important business channel connecting China and Arabia in History. Many Arab Merchants came to China through...
Burj Al Arab - Dubai

China-UAE Cooperation under the Framework of Belt & Road

The United Arab Emirates has been one of the countries to widely roll out China's Sinopharm vaccine. From the coronavirus to...
BeiDou Navigation Satellite

China Agreed to Iran’s usage of Beidou Satellite Systems

The close cooperation between China and Iran continues to develop in different fields such as the fight against coronavirus, the One...
ADNOC - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi to Support Chinese Investors looking to Unlock Opportunities

China and Abu Dhabi see great prospects for increasing investment and cooperation in innovation-driven sectors such as Healthcare. We see significant potential...
Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pax Sinica takes Shape in the Middle East

The Emerging Sinocentric bloc of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan could leave America’s ally India isolated and weak A “Pax Sinica” is emerging...
Sultan Qaboos Mosque - Muscat (BRI)

BRI: China-Oman Industrial Complex set to Launch

Mid-scale Industrial Ventures in the China-Oman Industrial Complex, a mega development envisioned at the Duqm Special Economic Zone (SEZ) as part...
Vaccine (Health Silk Road)

Health Silk Road: UAE, China’s Middle East Vaccine Hub

Egypt started its large-scale immunization program with the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine, becoming one of the first Countries in Africa to...