Finance Minister Yubraj Khatiwada is found reluctant on initiating projects under the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

Due to reluctance of Minister Khatiwada, Nepal even after Joining BRI, is unable to accelerate Projects under BRI. Of late, the Minister has already managed crisis period loan from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Asian Development Bank.

The Minister has Personal affiliation with these organisations. On the other hand, he has totally neglected the Chinese Support for Nepal, complain Officials in the Foreign Ministry.

Nepal is the founding Member of the Asian Infrastructural Investment Bank (AIIB), established under the Chinese Initiative.

The Finance Ministry has not made any effort to get support from the AIIB. The Chinese Embassy also is expressing concern with political leaders here on why Nepal is neglecting the Chinese Support.

Minister Khatiwada is neglecting China as he is closed to the West & South, say those who are aware of Khatiwada’s behaviour.